Redone Coding Homework, Two Crazy Pugs, and a Hawks Buzzer Beater…

Man this has been a beast of a day.

As I get started on my second entry of all time, I’m encouraged by the words of one John Saddington, who I met today at my current school, The Iron Yard. It was a pleasure meeting the guy.

Today I built a very, very basic calculator using JavaScript. It can be seen here, and I’m very proud of it given the limited tools I had at my disposal. I’ll continue to learn how to write code, I’m hungry for it!

I came home today to one of my dogs, named Brick, sitting out in my driveway. We have a backyard where our dogs usually stay, but that often fails to contain him. My other dog is named Ferb. In addition to my beautiful daughter, and my gorgeous wife, these two are huge sources of joy in my life.

Sarah & Ferb
rFerb (top) & Brick

By the way, this is the calculator I built. It’s very basic, as I only had a select few JS commands we’ve covered in our coding bootcamp.

My daughter, Stella, whose picture I attached to my first entry, received her second set of vaccines today. The traumatic experience made her very temperamental all day, but she was as happy to see me as I was her today after sitting in an hour’s worth of traffic after class.

I spent an extra 15–20 minutes rewriting a second page of JavaScript that erased itself in my repository. I hoped that I’d eventually make that time up in the afore-mentioned traffic. That was not the case.

So that’s me, husband, father, coder, sports fanatic (Falcons, Braves, Hawks, NY Rangers, a la departure of the Thrashers), musician… oh yeah I play, sell, buy, and LOVE guitars and amps!

Seriously, buy my stuff, it’s half our income for the summer!

My heart was beating out of my chest this whole game. The Hawks’ defensive prowess was nearly matched by DC’s Wizards. Al Horford finished with a heads-up play to win as time expired. By one point.
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