The universe is infinite. Or so l would choose to believe. It is because even with the most advanced astronomical instruments developed by us, we can only say the observable universe.

It would be foolish to think that ours is the only planet in this corner of our solar system in this galaxy to host what we consider to be intelligent life.

Of course smarter people than me have voiced their opinion on such matters. My view doesn’t count. Regardless I enjoy postulating on these sort of things.

Regardless of the prevalent theories for the formation of our universe, I have this belief that it was formed by God. Now, yes I don’t know who this God persona is. I haven’t met him. And I don’t want to assign God to any one of the countless deities we have on earth.

Because the point is if God created the universe God wouldn’t just reside on earth and make it God’s abode now would God? No. I don’t think so.

God would be all pervasive, spread throughout the universe. So instead of thinking of God in earthly terms I have tried to think of God as the one who created the Universe( since we are discussing the Universe as I am typing in this one) and does not conform to our rules and regulations.

Regardless of laws of thermodynamics, entropy, chaos theory and whatnot, all of this had to have come from somewhere. Even evolution has a principle-survival of the fittest. So there is no random stuff on foot here. It’s all part of a design process.

Now giving this designer the label God would also not be apt, since God is a name from our planet. So maybe if I call him the architect or the designer would it be paradoxical as all of the above are from this earth?

Doesn’t matter. Whoever or whatever made this had an idea which transformed into reality. Time and space are immaterial here since I am not going into the science or religious aspect of it. These are after all human concepts science based on research and hypotheses, and religion based on people’s mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Then who is this source of all? Don’t you think this is an apt name.

Source of all.


So this Source of all has resulted in this. Now, I always wondered how a mixture of cement, sand, aggregates and water formed concrete. Anyone who’s been to or worked in a construction site has seen how the above constituents mixed together form concrete. This is used to make buildings and etc. Now concrete has a colour similar to cow dung if my eyesight is good. Then once it hardens it has a grayish colour.

So a chemical reaction has taken place there, involving energy and other scientific stuff. Anyway the point is something happened which we could not see yet the result is evident in front of us.

Same for the universe. The source of all did this and the evidence is in front of us.

What we do with it is an article for later.

I like it-Source of all.

I think maybe the problem is due to the fact that we are looking at it the wrong way, too much of what we believe is based on assumptions grounded on this planet. Why don’t we stop using this planet as a base of theorising and thinking and start from outward in-start with the Universe and work out way inwards.

It’s just like surveying where you work from whole to part to avoid the serious accumulation of errors.

I think that’s it.

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