The VFX Industry is an odd one when it comes to art. Due to the necessity of the industry, an audience is unable to differentiate between the work produced from one company to another. As a VFX company, it pays to have no unique style in order to not dilute potential clients. The caveat to this however, is that the name of a VFX company holds little weight in the world of film, therefore having no influence in attracting an audience.

Kurt Vonnegut speaks of a similar thought in the world of writing, in an essay he wrote titled “How…

In an industry such as ours, money is often a byproduct of enjoying the work that you do. This can often lead to us, creatives, feeling awkward when it comes to discussing “business”, as if the motive of creating to make a living, as well as for the passion, takes something away from the final work produced.

I frequently meet artists who have little savings, stopping them from taking that risk on a 3 month contract at a dream company because what if the contract doesn’t get extended? Or stopping them from trying their hand at going truly freelance. …

Josh Parks

Compositor at ILM London / Writer at 3DWorld / University Lecturer @joshparksvfx

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