As we approach the last stretch of the second version of Basòdino, we’re already looking into what to do next. Registrations are now closed, but for existing participants there’s still plenty of time to improve your score! This post will provide an update on progress, explain some of the changes for the second half of the testnet, and give a first glimpse into what changes and other improvements we’re planning going forward.

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We’re more than halfway there! But we’ll be starting all over again very soon…

Numbers-wise, we couldn’t be more delighted. We now have 999 registered nodes, tantalizingly close to the 1000 node milestone. Unfortunately we won’t break that for a little while, as we’ve disabled CoverBot — more on that below. We’re also excited by the sheer diversity of our community, with participants connecting from every corner of the world, including (and I hope this isn’t divulging too much metadata) our first node on a fishing trawler connecting via satellite internet! …


Jose Aguinaga

Web3/Full-Stack. DevOps/Cryptography Enthusiast. Head of Engineering at @hoprnet, previously @MyBit_dapp, @numbrs, @plaid. JavaScript, startups, fintech.

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