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The HOPR Säntis testnet has ended. Huge thanks to everyone who participated over the past three weeks! With over 500 active nodes, the community response was overwhelming. We’ve gathered a huge amount of data and feedback which have helped us to dramatically improve our network stability and implement new features. You’ll be able to test these out when we launch our next incentivized testnet, coming very soon.


Congratulations to the 20 highest scorers from the Säntis leaderboard. We’ve also selected our 10 random winners who will receive 1,000 HOPR each.

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Extra token payout

Our bleeding-edge testnet has been a huge help for the development team, but we know it wasn’t always smooth sailing for participants. To thank everyone for their patience and support, we’re adding another 100,000 HOPR tokens to the prize fund, taking the total to 200,000. These extra tokens will be shared evenly between everyone who completed our feedback form after Week 1 and everyone who registered with our bot, even if you were unable to relay any data via your node. …

Our HOPR Säntis incentivized testnet launched less than a week ago, and the response from the community has been amazing, with hundreds of people responding to our call to help contribute to online privacy and earn HOPR tokens. …

The HOPR Protocol started as a small chat application but has evolved into a full-blown tech stack. Today we’ll explain the paths we took to get there.

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HOPR was introduced as a simple command-line interface that could send messages across multiple screens. After many months of work and effort, HOPR has evolved into an ecosystem of applications able to run the HOPR protocol while providing multiple interfaces to users to interact with.

Today, I’d like to share the evolution of our project and the products we have been building to showcase the usefulness of the HOPR protocol. I’ll be explaining a bit of HOPR’s history, what’s coming next, and our general vision for mainnet release.

Our First Release, HOPR Chat

The first usable release of HOPR was HOPR Chat, a command-line interface able to spin up a HOPR Node and provide users with an interactive input/output application. Under the covers, HOPR Chat would start a libp2p node, a powerful peer-to-peer network utility, while communicating with the Ethereum network. Even at this early stage, HOPR Chat could already open payment channels, transmit messages using the SPHINX packet header, and reward successful transmissions with digital tokens. …


Jose Aguinaga

Web3/Full-Stack. DevOps/Cryptography Enthusiast. Head of Engineering at @hoprnet, previously @MyBit_dapp, @numbrs, @plaid. JavaScript, startups, fintech.

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