Reflections on School Branding

The past week I began working on a project that was set to improve the branding of my school. This was challenging because I believe my school already does a great job branding itself. However, after researching and learning more about branding with technology, I was able to find some ways we can improve our branding for our school, specifically by using technology.

There are plenty of ways to brand a school online. Because of the popularity of the internet and social media, schools can have a very heavy online presence. In today’s world though, almost every school has a website, and the majority of them also have social media pages. It is important to stay updated and keep everything you do online current. If information is inaccurate or outdated, it could make the school look unorganized or not technologically savvy.

One thing that I thought would be really cool is if the school would have a daily update of happenings going on at the school. But instead of doing it in a blog or on their website, it would be through a short video or album of pictures. Because it would give a real shot of what things are like at the school, I believe it would be a great way to show someone who is interested how things are done. I also think it would be really neat to have this done from a student’s point of view. To be able to hear their reasoning and thoughts on a lesson or topic being discussed at the school could be a great way to bring people in.

Using technology to brand your school is a great way to spread the word quickly and conveniently. If it is done correctly, a school may be viewed by thousands if not millions in a short amount of time. Schools today must be knowledgeable and prepared to work online and use social media to spread their message and mission to gain prospective students, donors, and other interested parties.

However, I believe that the most important thing needed to brand a school is quality people with a passion to help young people. If you do not have the people who want to work hard and make the world a better place, then what do you have to brand. You might get some people to donate from what they see online, but the majority of prospective donors or students will take the information they see online and make a visit to the school. That is when they will see more than videos or pictures, and when the real branding occurs. No matter what you put online, you must have a good product to brand!

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