Reflections on Technology Integration

Talk about walking before you can run! This was a major part of my learning about integrating technology into the classroom and setting up a technology based lesson. From Googling lessons and being completely overwhelmed by the results to feeling really good about the lesson I created, I have been all over the place the past two weeks! I have been been frustrated, anxious, and proud of what I have accomplished the past two weeks.

This isn’t supposed to be easy though. Graduate school is about learning more about your profession as well as learning new things to make you better at whatever you are pursuing. I can honestly say I have learned quite a bit in just a few weeks about technology. This post will explain my thinking while working on this module.

When I first started on this project, I simply thought integrating technology would be simple. I would just use computers or tablets to turn in homework and that would be it. However, when I began researching the topic more I found out this was only the first step with many more after.

To fully integrate technology, one must think of lessons that could not be done without the use of technology. This means you can’t simply substitute paper and pencils for computers and tablets. You have to use the technology for things that cannot be done with only a paper and pencil.

For my project I chose to use dividing large digit numbers to help my students choose a payment plan for purchasing a vehicle. We used online quizzes, presentations, and the internet in various ways for the project. Not only did we use technology, we used it to connect to real life issues.

When working on my project I was amazed by how much more a teacher can do when using technology. There are so many ways we can reach our students and make them more engaged. I really enjoyed creating this math lesson and looking forward to making more.

One piece of technology that I have seen many of my students use a lot lately is social media. To me, this is a double-edged sword. While it is a great tool to voice opinions and share information with their friends, I don’t think many of my students understand that when they put something online, it is there forever. Even if they delete it, someone can still find it if they really want to.

To combat this, I have started talking to them about what posting something online can do to them. I always talk to them about one of my former basketball players who posted some stuff online that cost him a scholarship to Division One university. I keep these conversations with the students short, but consistently remind them to watch what they put online.

I am very excited to add more technology to my classroom. As technology becomes more and more of our daily lives, it is critical that teachers understand it and are able to use it to reach their students. It is also imperative that we teach our students the dangers of technology. They need to be fully aware of everything out there.

As teachers, we need to prepare our students for their adult lives. Technology will definitely be a part of that and like everything else we do as teacher, we need to leaern as much as we can about it to benefit our students’ lives.