What it takes to become financially conscious

And how you can start becoming frugal

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

Counting every coin, and mind tracking how you spend your money is not sexy. Why worry right?


It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I have started listening to money-minded podcasts, reading the financial diet blog, and watching their youtube videos. It started with a book on how to invest and other self-help books, including Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg so I can start taking control of my career as well.

My life was in a total meltdown state. I had been depressed and back. I would cry at the slightest mental and emotional pulling. I felt like I had tears at bay, just waiting for someone or something to push my buttons. I revealed in a previous post that I had been auctioned before. In my twenties, one of my worst nightmares happened to me, all while my children were only two and two months old. It was a real nightmare.

So here I am, one year and three months later after that horrible life episode, more mistakes and tons of stress later I am finally getting it. I have been listening to The Pineapple Project and taking in as much financial education as I can. I even stumbled across a frugal blog, downloaded some templates and today I made my first incomprehensive (but it’s a start) spreadsheet. I am still learning how to create an excel monthly spreadsheet but I am happy to say I have taken the first steps and I intend to keep going.

A friend told me if I can’t set aside a little now, then I won’t be able to keep more aside later when I start making more. The needs and wants will increase with more money. Therefore, my first financial goal this month is not to accrue any debt. To pay off the little I have and leave it at that.

Somehow, I am going to make it through without the nice long sweater blazer and black flats. I am going to make it work because somehow I did before.

Now don’t be like me, do not wait until you get auctioned or evicted. Don’t wait until you cannot buy groceries or make transport to know that you are in serious financial trouble. Prevention is better than cure. Just make a plan and a budget. It will go a long way to cover your behind and save face when you start running low. Don’t wait, just start today. Plan consciously and stick to it.