Why you should care about the Internet of Things

A coke vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University back in the 80’s was the first internet connected appliance, this day The Internet of Things concept was born.

IoT is development in everyday objects to have sensors and network communications allowing them to send and receive information. This means your kettle, fridge and a car can have it’s own internet connection, tell Siri when you to put the kettle on, use your smartwatch to see what’s in the fridge and your car can tell the mechanic when it needs its service. The list is endless, and IoT is growing at a rate of which no one can keep up. There’s expected to be over 20 billion devices connected by 2020!

An IoT device includes a sensor, processor and communications layer. Sensors can detect humidity, motion, pressure, proximity and simple on and off, with this we can wake up to fresh coffee, measure dryness in farm soil, cars know the best park and we check the oven is off from the beach. With the IoT platform with resources such as the Raspberry Pi and a huge community of Open Source projects anyone can get in on IoT and use it to make their daily life a little or whole lot easier.

While sensors are smart, a processor is required to compile the data especially when some sensors can create 10,000 data points per second saving on time, performance and bandwidth before uploading. Communications can be done by WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G etc sending to a cloud service to store and react to data long term.

IoT is as exciting as it is dangerous, malicious control of these devices can lead to major suffer, imagine hacked traffic lights, security systems and banks. Risk and reward must always be considered with every device connected; one only has to watch Mr. Robot spark imagination.