Communication (or lack thereof)

In preparation for the lesson in class, I watched two youtube videos, one which portrayed a comedic interpretation of miscommunication, and the other which gave a brief explanation of how communication can be muddled and what we can do to avoid it. Personally, I absolutely hated the first video, because the stupidity of most of the characters was so frustrating that it was hard to watch. Although, it did more ore less exemplify the lack of basic understanding needed for a constructive conversation, so I guess it get points for that. The second video laid the groundwork for our understanding of miscommunication and why it happens, including our own perceptions of what the other person means when they speak. If we could only perfectly understand each other and understand other’s viewpoints. However, that is not possible, so we can only settle for trying to actively listen and understand the other while not losing sight of our own biases and intentions.