Lech Lecha — going forth to transformation

Torah continues this week with its third transformation. Each parasha represents a transformation of consciousness from one state to another including both aspects of the developing consciousness and those left over shells of consciousness called klipoth.

To recap briefly: In Bereishis the initial inspiration brought forth finding its home in and through Adam. The first test is the eating of the Tree of Knowledge, which then provides the need for a skin so that consciousness is now part of a container called being. While from one vantage point we call it a sin from another it is simply a necessary step on the road to full awareness or unified awareness.

The connection with Hashem was at first complete and yet undeveloped, however Adam and Chevah did not express the divine will until ironically enough when they ate of the forbidden fruit. Then realizing what they had given up in terms of cosmic consciousness they will now aspire to return to this state of consciousness with the full awareness of their being and its relationship to Hashem.

What this requires is an active participation in recognizing Hashem by listening deeply for the connection that always accompanies them. In Noach this deep listening is symbolized by Noach’s building of the ark over 120 years. What Noach is building is the connection that allows him to ride upon the waters of consciousness instead of being submerged by them.

What Noach realizes is that there is a dialogue within that will guide his steps. It is a dialogue of heart and mind linked to Hashem and places that connection high above anything that only pay attention to the body or physical sensations.

This attention to higher consciousness becomes further developed through Abram and is illustrated in the opening lines of Parasha Lech Lecha.

Gen: 12: 1. And the Lord said to Abram, “Go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your father’s house, to the land that I will show you.

What Hashem is telling Abram is to put his attention away from the body (your land his birthplace where all of us begin) and to leave his father’s house (the ways of his father what the world has taught him). Now he is to listen to Hashem from this new horizon that shall become revealed.

What is it that becomes revealed? It is the thought of Hashem that is to return to itself revealing itself along the way. We will discuss this more deeply in the next post talking about how the Arizal explains the union of Zeir Anpin and Nukva in terms of the awakening consciousness of Chokmah. Stay tuned.

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