Vibration-string theory — ripples in a pond

The center is there as it has always been. It remains there supremely confident. It is the unending source of all that is. Taken as a vibration it is the eternal tone of the striking of the eteranl gong sending ripples of vibrations that are built into the chords and harmony of myriad worlds of existence. Enter String Theory, the concept of the universe as strings of vibration designating the various dimensions of realities we can postulate. Currently there are theorized 10 dimensions corresponding with the Ten Sephirot. I think perhaps that number becomes limitless due to the interactions of worlds within worlds like Keter in Malkuth.

This One vibration encompasses all vibrations. It is something that we can tune our minds to. When we have inspirations, revelations, hopes and dreams, every kind of higher awareness, we are connecting with this Central Ray of Sound, as Alice Bailey might refer to it as of the one vibration or the one sound. It is interesting to note that this “sound” is not so much heard in the audible range as in the etheric range of the inner thinking. As such it takes on the qualities of faith being unseen, unheard but somehow felt as an all emcompassing entity of being. Since thoughts themselves are vibrations, their issuing forth would seem to come about as a result of the inner connection with this one vibration.

The quality or polarity of the thinking then would rely upon its relationship at all times to this central vibration. By definition when you were truly listening here your thoughts appear in harmonized form expressing the higher waves of reality that can be perceived. There is a smooth going. In contrast, when we react to the secondary waves produced by the ripples of discontinuity or negativity, the harmony cannot be established. Chaos results. The only correction is to resist the negativity by not aligning your thoughts with the errant flows.

In addition you can use various means to reestablish yourself in the flow of harmony, or the attunement to the one sound by affirmations, using prayers such as the Ana Bekoach, Shma, meditating on the 72 names, envisioning a quiet place surrounding yourself with light, seeing your happiness in motion or another’s, all of these will work fine in alignment. As you continue, you will discover new tools along the way.

The deeper you enter into your studies with Kabbalah the more it becomes a study of the movements and currents of consciousness. You learn that there are indeed pathways within the mind and that these pathways are eternal. This means that they have been established since the beginning and are there to assist Mind in its quest for harmony and unity with the one sound. We can call these pathways lights but they contain so much more of everything that this “light” description is merely an aid to keeping track of the presence of unity as it flows through the inner being.

One should know that these currents are continuous leading one into the other and taking on each the characteristics of the other all the while retaining the initial primary sounding note which is the directing influence throughout every channel that these currents travel through. The discovery of the internal processes comes only after all outside influences are able to be excised from the attractiion of opposites. These opposites cause reactions which attempt to siphon off the energy of these internal currents so that the awareness is left without a central channel of connection in which to orient itself. This is why practicing a non reactive thought response is crucial to every attempt to penetrate any mystery of the greatest beyond.

Ideas seek expression and this expression acts as a branching activity much like the tendrils of roots reaching into the inner being of the earth capture the minerals and filter substance and sustenance into the outer form of the tree. Because everything works in harmony and synthesis providing mirror like reflections throughout the myriad forms, it is possible by analogy to pattern the thought exactly like the forms that are being produced above. The converse is also true that we can pattern the thought so that the forms above appear to mirror the expression of thought that is rooting into the soil of the subconsciousness, finding its expression in every connection we find, and most importantly, those connections that are newly established.

These newly established connections result from a quantum like leap in understanding akin to when the electrons jump from shell to shell giving off light. This jump is built in and instinctual. In this way you come to treat the unknown with a growing familiarity. Understanding dawns in terms of the way of things and your thoughts join currents of harmony always keeping their connection to the one source, or eternal sound. In this way you learn to ride the currents of consciousness using the oars of your intention along the way. All of this is accomplished by listening deeply to the wellsprings of Kabbalah.