My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

As a British person reading this, I was actually slightly shocked — “Wow, did this actually need to be written?”

But then I guess your readers are conservative and I’m more centre-left. And there'll be British people who need to hear your thoughts, too.

I read your mountain analogy and I thought: “That’s a depiction of class, not just race.

People are born into what’s often referred to here as the ‘postcode lottery of life’; we see areas of social deprivation and we know that those areas have poor levels of education, lower income, higher crime. And yes, it is cyclical.

The capitalist society we live in fuels this scenario. I am pro-capitalism, don’t get me wrong—but I believe we have an ethical and moral duty to support people born into less privileged beginnings than ourselves. That can be compassion, welfare, and/or initiatives to tackle social issues.

I’m an atheist, but those are Christian values. That said, it isn’t a particularly conservative ideology, hence why I’m not a Conservative. But it is why I wonder how black people can be Conservative; simply because the above approach is what is required to help the black community in the US, or any less-privileged class anywhere.

What is the conservative equivalent? “There’s opportunities. Pick yourself up and get on with it.”? Centuries of evidence surely shows this isn’t enough.

NB. As a British person, the flack that America gets across the world isn’t helped by phrases like “America’s the greatest country God ever created.” It implies those starving and suffering across the world are in that position because God chose it to be that way, which isn’t a Christian teaching that I recognise. America, right now, to the UK, seems a divided mess, and not particularly great. (As does the Brexited UK to ourselves, mind…but I digress!)