No one should vote for Hillary even if in a swing state.

I simply don’t get the short-sightedness of this approach.

Surely you recognise in politics that sometimes you have to make decisions or statements that you don’t necessarily agree with, but do it for the bigger picture? I can certainly see how difficult life must be for ‘good’ people at the top; constantly pulled this way and that, compromising on much to gain just a little.

And if you want a progressive, non-backwards America that the world respects again, you’re going to have to keep voting in Democrats, because, here in the U.K., the vast majority of us are jaw-dropping at the fact Trump has got anywhere near the Presidency.

Our equivalent is Farage and he is nowhere near Downing Street.

So don’t be a fool: vote for Hillary and then petition your representatives like crazy on any subject you care about.