Wearing Thin — The Declining Usefulness of Wearables
Kelly Moran

Great post. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Flex as I like it’s small form factor for sleep tracking. I recently picked up the Flex 2 after losing the last band (the clasp would occasionally pop while changing clothes — the new form factor feels like it has fixed this issue).

Step count wise, I’d recommend you install the Moves app on your phone (unless you decide to pick up another wearable). The app also automatically tracks the locations you visit, plus runs and bike rides, and offers a simple interface to compare days/weeks of activity. The app also has a nice API that integrates with dozens of various services that people have built to help you track and visualize your data.

I’m bullish on wearables and how they’ll evolve over time to feel more like invisibles. This post does a great job outlining the difficulties a lot of companies face as they’re likely undercapitalized and people’s expectations for seamless experience are high — and rightfully so!

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