Rewrite, Erase, Start Over…

The problem with maintaining a blog as a writer — especially as a struggling writer, trying to wring every dollar you can out of your craft so you can continue to eat and have a place to live — is that you want to get paid for your writing. But anything you post becomes Published, no longer able to be sold as anything but a reprint. I get paid for my personal essays, and I’m working on getting paid for my fiction. So how do I keep amusing people on a blog?

I suppose by writing about things no one is likely to pay me for — like writing itself, or dealing with mental illness, or dealing with chronic illness (in my case, ulcerative colitis). I also edit professionally, so I certainly have a lot to say to fellow writers from that perspective.

I’m going to try to get myself on a schedule here. I need to, for my own sake and the sake of what I’m trying to pass off as a “career”.