Keeping track of recurring discussions (PDAU)

Kyle Clements [11/8/2018 at 9:42 AM]
How could we save discussions like the one started by Philip’s question above? One of the best things about this community is how willing everybody is to jump in and share advice with those getting started. It’s a shame that a few weeks from now that content will disappear. Even if it didn’t, it isn’t exactly discoverable for those who have the same question. Any ideas?

Nathan Llewellyn
Gotta pay for that I believe.

Taylor Palmer
Does pinning it do anything? You could also print it out and store it away in a metal filing cabinet :stuck_out_tongue:

Jackson Lloyd
One of Slacks most advertised features is the ability to search for specific content in this giant thread. Maybe there should just be rule of thumb that you type your question in the search bar before adding another thread to the feed.

Kyle Clements
Usually I’m not a fan of FAQ page-like experiences, but something like a product hive “greatest hits” page for people entering the field to browse could be useful.

Jonathon Juvenal
I often copy and paste conversations into Evernote from here

Branden Silva
Alternatively we could move to Discord but that’s a larger effort. I’ve seen many open source communities doing that since there is no cap on message limits (surprisingly).

Kate Earl
There is also a Spectrum Community for Product Hive, but it hasn’t had much traffic.
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Jac Madsen
We could copy and paste it out into medium articles.