What is Your Legacy?
Todd Brison

I loved reading your words today. You really had great timing. I go into the hospital for a TKR tomorrow. I’ve spent a lot of time “soul searching” as I prepare myself. My legacy, at least this is what I pray is true, is that I have lived my life trying to make other’s lives better. I have always been one to offer a warm smile to everyone and allowing those who feel the need to talk, a listening ear and the “time”.

I have spent my adult life raising my daughters and my grandchildren. They have been “my life.” Bryce, my 15 year old grandson, wrote an essay for school two years ago, telling all who read it, that I have been and will always be “the most influential person” in his life. 😘 Marcus,13, and Abigail,7, say similar things all the time. Sabastian and Alexis are but 9 months, and light up when I enter the room or they hear my voice. They all know what they mean to me.

Thus my “legacy”…

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