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I really believe that I am taking many of the steps you mentioned that we need to take to improve our mental health. While I’m not even near Ready to tell someone else to take some of these steps in their own lives, I can tell you that they are working for me. I have a routine that I try to follow every day.

  1. I wake up early each morning and Smile. I say my morning Prayers and then list all those things or Blessings for which I am Grateful.
  2. I Meditate for at lease 30 minutes.
  3. I Write down my Thoughts at that moment. Sometimes these thoughts are mostly comprised of Memories of my past that come back to me in my Dreams. I have suffered from memory loss for many years. The fact that they are coming back to me now, I feel, indicates growth in my Mental Health. Writing them down is a tool I use to Plant them in my Mind. An example would be the dream of my deceased brother. I have had only a name, a single picture, one that I pray for and speak to, each day, and a copy of his death certificate ( in my files ), to recognize him.

I go about my day carrying positive thoughts. At the end of the day, my routine continues.

5. I say my Prayers and ask for God’s Blessings.

6. I Meditate for at least a half hour.

7. I Write down those Thoughts of the day that I hope to remember. My way of Planting them in my Mind. I go to sleep with the feeling that I am at Peace.

The steps I try to implement during the day are many, a Work in Progress, and I can discuss at another time. Basically, I am trying to say with this discussion that your article is helpful and I Thank You.

Caroline Hager 😄