My Dependent
Tre L. Loadholt

So glad to hear your “little one” is better Tre. I had a similar Scare with “my dependent 🐈, FeeFee” last month. I woke up in the middle of the night with her violently wretching without stop. This wretching was so loud! She was only able to get up a small amount of spit. No hairball, no food, nothing. She would lay sprawled out on her belly. She couldn’t walk. In between the wretching she would quietly cry. Not a Meow mind you but a wimpering cry unlike anything I had heard from any 🐕 or 🐈 I have ever had. She wouldn’t eat, drink or even try to poop. I called the nearest Vet Hospital. They had me listening to her heart and lungs with my stethoscope. (Luckily I had one for my BP Cuff) Finally they said to try giving her a little water thru a siringe throughout the 🌃 and continue monitoring her breathing,etc. In the morning she was no better. Off to the Hospital we went. Exams and x-rays later and IV fluids later, the Dr determined she had a Blockage of her Colon. We prayed it was a hairball. They had medicine to help dissolve that and a laxative for me. I went home $295 poorer but I Had My FeeFee. It took four days to clear “whatever” and to get a little 💩. She finally started eating a bit in a week. Couple weeks later and she my Baby Girl again.

You know what made this even worse? This happened a week shy of five years since the death of my best friend, 🐕 Thor.

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