A Teenager’s View on Life and Virality
Andrew Watts

Andrew thank you so much for your honesty and candid no-holds barred “this is how shit went down” storytelling and reflection upon your wild ups and downs over the past few months.

I really enjoyed how you detailed both the actual happenings and your personal thoughts/reactions throughout your adventures. Your takeaway dealing with how to approach things you cannot control reminds me of both Stoic Philosophy and Taoism. I highly recommend checking out Meditations and The Tao of Pooh if you haven’t already. Both tasty and applicable reads dealing with circumstance that are easy to roll through.

As a fellow university student with similar interests as you in the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship (PS your personal site is pretty damn sleek), thank you for inspiring me to keep going despite how nerve wracking it can be to do the simplest things — Keep Going.

Best of luck moving forward in the future Andrew. The gym is definitely an amazing place to let out some energy and stress so kudos for that positive, healthy habit!

If you’re ever in Toronto I’d love to show you around the city and we can both enjoy the wondrous student pastime of eating gratuitous amounts of food (and/or if you want to dance Salsa I can give you some help there too).

Here’s to our next adventures, more crippling sentences/bulletpoints, and life!