Why Creating a Meaningful Morning Routine Will Make You More Successful
Cathryn Lavery

Love your insights Cathryn thank you for sharing what’s worked for you and the benefits of powerful morning habits. How long did it take you to fine-tune your morning routine? (You mention habit-stacking but there are quite a few parts to your morning routine — did you add them all at once or did you only add a new “part” (such as 20 mins reading) once previous parts were solidified as a “habit”?)

Moreover, what do you do during days when you can’t hit your morning routine for whatever reason? It’s funny balancing the “shit happens in life” with the “well, I suck at this”.

I’ve been playing around with morning routines and the power of habits over the past few months. Here’s mine at the moment.

  1. Wake up and drink 500 ml — 700 ml of water
  2. Make up bed to stop myself from going back to sleep
  3. Write in journal (1 motivational quote, 3 gratitudes, 3 things to complete to create an awesome day, 3 affirmations and 10 random ideas)
  4. 5 minutes of Chen Style Tai Chi (my alternative to Meditation)
  5. 5 minutes of Hand Stand practice courtesy of the 28 day handstand challenge
  6. 10–15 minutes of Salsa dance practice.
  7. Shower and GO

Thanks for entertaining my questions! Appreciate it and have a great week.