How many days in a row did Ice T favorite one of my tweets? A case Study

The answer is 24. 25 days I tweeted Ice T in a row and in those first 24 he acknowledged my existence. Did I plan on getting in a Twitter favorite/retweet streak with Ice T for almost a month? No. But did this need to be done? Yes. In the name of science, yes.

The first encounter I had with the man started after stumbling across a twitter rant of his, talking about how he was going to be on a morning talkshow. One of his followers said that the description of the program said that it was going to consist of Ice Cube and not Ice T. Ice went on to state that the two would both be on the show and said something along the lines of “Contrary to belief, Cube and I have been friends for years”. That is when I decided to join in on the conversation with…

Forgetting about the actual tweet for a minute, All Night Long is a banger so @ me if you want to say something about it

I honestly don’t know what hustle I was respecting in this tweet but clearly Ice also was respecting my hustle. I don’t usually tweet like this, but if I’m responding to a tweet made by Ice T, I should probably tweet like Ice T. That got me thinking…How many days in a row could I get Ice T to notice me on twitter? To do this I wouldn’t be able to just tweet normally. I would have to either compliment Ice on something that he was doing OR I would just have to tweet at Ice T as if I was also Ice T. Here are some of the highlights.

For those who didn’t know, Ice is the lead singer of a heavy metal group called Body Count. To get a feel of what they’re about, I recommend watching the video to the left.

During our twitter streak one day, they released a quick preview of their new album and I only had two words to say

Next up, Body Count was in a competition of some sort to be ranked the most anticipated album of the month. I could tell that Ice T was excited to be in this contest, but at the same time, I was also a little worried that Ice T thought they wouldn’t win the contest, so I wanted to reassure him that there was nothing to worry about.

Whenever he favorited one of my tweets, I always pictured Ice T sitting poolside with Coco, scrolling through his twitter feed until he stumbles upon one of my tweets. He then gives a little chuckle/smirk and says, “This guy gets it” followed by a smash of the like button. When I had the opportunity to use this made up quote on him, I didn’t waste a second.

The very next day, the writer that he quoted responded to my original tweet. Knowing that Ice T was still probably deeply focused in on this conversation taking place, I needed to continue to show my loyalty and ongoing support for the man. Like the hustle as mentioned earlier, I’m not sure what game I was talking about, but nonetheless, he is a legend of it.

An album walkthrough was released and because of this, @FinalLevel made his demands clear…

So I gave him what he wanted. I played it. And I played it loud. He was so excited by the news that he even quoted my tweet.

Also would have been cool if he offered to repay me for the damages seeing how his music caused them…not saying I want a new speaker from you Ice T, but you know where to reach me.

For some reason my original tweet kept coming back to my mind. “Gotta respect the hustle”. Even though he was acknowledging my existence by favoriting one of my tweets every day, did he really know who I was? My plan was simple: Tweet the exact same thing to him again.

Now the question here is if he doesn’t favorite my tweet, he probably thinks that I’ve gotten lazy. If he does favorite the tweet, it means he doesn’t know who the hell I am and probably just favorites every softball tweet you lob his way. This was a big test for Mr T. For this one tweet, I was hoping that he wouldn’t favorite it just so he had my back. The result…

I figure, he simply loved the tweet so much that he had to give it a favorite a second time around. He definitely knows who I am. I don’t know what I was thinking.

A few days later, Ice T was promoting an interview of his.

I’m going to be honest for a minute…I didn’t listen to the interview. I’m sure it was great but I’m just a man. I can’t do everything that Ice T tells me to do.

This was one of the hardest, most grueling tasks that I’ve ever done in my entire life. Getting recognized by Ice T on twitter is a lot like fishing. It’s a lot more fun if you use a fake lure, but if you have live bait, there’s a pretty good chance you’re gonna catch something. The live bait in this scenario would be the simple “Keep it up” or “Looking forward to it” tweets, or even just saying happy birthday to his wife Coco. The more outlandish tweets that I previously highlighted were the real prizes….That wasn’t the best analogy, but if you would like to look at all of the tweets, below are them all in chronological order