It turns out that Gwyneth Paltrow’s healing stickers don’t work according to the nerds at NASA

CNN: NASA just called out Goop, the movie star’s lifestyle brand, over wearable healing stickers that it promoted on its website.

In a post on Thursday, Goop said that the stickers, which are sold by a group called Body Vibes, are “made with the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut’s vitals during wear.”

The wearables, which cost about $60 for a pack of 10, come “pre-programmed to an ideal frequency” and “promote healing” by tackling “imbalances,” the website claimed.

But NASA told CNNMoney it doesn’t use carbon material to line its suits, and its current spacesuit has no carbon fibers in it at all.

Gizmodo was the first to take on Goop’s NASA claims about the stickers. Goop removed the NASA mention from its post after the outlet’s story went up.

In a statement, Goop said its advice and recommendations do not constitute “formal endorsements.”

“The opinions expressed by the experts and companies we profile do not necessarily represent the views of [Goop],” the brand said. “Based on the statement from NASA, we’ve gone back to the company to inquire about the claim and removed the claim from our site until we get additional verification.”

Body Vibes said it plans to issue a statement but has not yet commented on the matter.

Earlier this month, Jimmy Kimmel asked Paltrow to walk him through another healthy living claim Goop had made. This one was “earthing,” or walking around barefoot for its therapeutic benefits. On its site, Goop said it can help “everything from inflammation and arthritis to insomnia and depression.”

There’s “some sort of electromagnetic thing” that goes on, Paltrow explained.

Her take on the practice?

“I don’t know what the f — — we talk about,” she laughed.

Gwyneth Paltrow stinks. you don’t lie about a bunch of healing stickers and sell them for 60 bucks a pop. If this was endorsed by any other celebrity, I would have been all in. Think about it. Sure she is earthy crunchy and all that and wants to seem like she is down to earth, but this jerk is far from it. A few weeks ago that said a great fathers day gift would be a vacation to Croatia. She has no sense of what is going on. I would rather get healing tabs from a D-list celebrity like Tony Little who has been promoting his sweet new energy drink Celsius.

Sure you might turn the same color as the drink, but you would also look like a goddamn greek god. I guarantee Tony has been crushing these things for a while now and just look at those results! Paltrow’s thing was nothing but a scheme to make more money.

NASA should stink for proving Gwyneth Paltrow wrong. These dorks should be busy blowing up asteroids instead of calling out celebrities. But as I stated earlier, She is so unlikable that I have to respect the move by the nerds here. If you have to call anyone out on being wrong, its Paltrow.

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