We used to get paid by views on Yahoo Contributor Network, but the views we got were strongly…
Betta Tryptophan

$2???? That’s not even worth it. Is that fueled by freelance sites? Competition with India? For all the research it takes to write a piece anything less than a decent piece or hourly rate isn’t worth more than giving it away free.

Medium will need to pay what corps pay which I believe runs around $65 an hour or something like $100 or more a page. The past paid non-fiction technical piece I wrote for a corp paid my piece price of $850 for 16 pages (only for this contract) that had to be done in 30 days. However, I should have charged more since this piece was going to be used to seek higher corporate revenue by expanding sales into Russian countries.

On the other hand there are stellar writers writing for nothing and I have nothing against that. But to be paid…the research alone, picture selection, checking for copyright, trademarks, editing, etc….it takes time and careful efforts. THAT ought to be worth what these such pieces will bring to the bottom line of something like Medium.

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