But first, get a lawyer.
Aufbrezeln Eschaton

A filed lawsuit along with a media release before Uber can block that is all the damage that needs to be done to Uber. Oh, they’ll live through it, build a PR campaign, write blogs by those supposedly unrelated to Uber about what a great company it is, and rebuild their image by making Uber your best option when you need a ride because every other option is flooded with SEO crafted redirects.

And given all these public platforms and other social networks, all those likes and recommends and anyone who picks up a paper at the local coffee shop….that’s all watched by somebody if not the tracking on everyone’s smartphones of how long one spent in a particular area….or from what platform network to the next online one is browsing through that gets picked up by various Internet sniffers and spiders…EVERYONE online engaging in anything that has to do with something like this Uber event is being tracked, archived, and thrown in the big data world for the highest bidder.

In this day and age no one is safe, but there will be a huge number of people keeping a case like this one at Uber alive for years to comes. Of course, there is always the Wayback Machine and the Dark Web.

If you play on line, bitch up a storm….somebody is gonna catch wind of it.

As long as we all believe that corps can win ….they will. What corps need to know is ‘this isn’t Kansas’ anymore.

As mentioned elsewhere by me here online somewhere: “Let the games begin”!

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