Troubled Wisconsin Man Goes on 50 State Killing Spree
Kendra Lubalin

A lot of screams were heard when the Affordable Care Act was being worked on. People were worried about losing their healthcare choices. However, it had been admitted that the writers of ACA did, indeed, lie to Americans that they could keep their choice for a doctor. And yet, if I recall, nobody went after the Obama administration as vicious as they have of the Trump Administration.

I think what needs to be remembered here was that before ACA folks had more control over their healthcare and premiums were pretty steady up until about four years before ACA kicked in. Most people could afford to have health insurance and had the freedom to choose to have healthcare without a tax penalty. There were also medicaid, sliding scale and affordable to free clinics in most of the big cities and surrounding towns. There were options.

I find it pretty hard to bank so much focus on bunches of ‘ifs’ and ‘projections’ before a vote in Congress and between voters. I find it equally difficult to imagine a world who appears to be shifting away from their availability of freedoms to dependence on government to care for their needs. But worse, I find it deplorable so many would rather divide this country by scaring them then work to unite and uplift each other toward developing healthcare options and access in their communities.

I ask that people stop with the name calling and fear mongering and start building communities. I ask they rally for freedoms and protection of their freedoms. And I ask that folks realize the government is in place because we Americans put them there and that if we want changes we’ll need to get directly involved rather than screaming on the sidelines, ripping this country apart everywhere else but on a chamber floor or through a ballot, and tearing each other apart and cutting each other up with far less dignity and respect.

Radicalism won’t win on either side.

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