The winner needs scale and should work across operating systems, shopping channels, browsers, and technology platforms.
“Blood and Sand”: The Moment-of -Truth for Mobile Wallets in Asia
Gaurav Sharma

Actually, the winner is the company that develops a plastic card for transactions only that has embedded tech in it that operates when light turns it on during a transation and shuts off when removed from the light. The card has a paper thin display system on it that illimuniates by light to tell the user the balance and last 50 transactions. The card can be scanned by light to update it. The user can have a light reader at home to see it’s contents on the included display or transmit to their chosen device. The winner is the tech that doesn’t need batteries and doesn’t require smartphone tech or exclusive OS to use it. The winner is selling of the license to use the patented tech and thereby opening up many OEMs to offer it.

If you are going to disruptive you have to do better than adaptation. You have to innovate with a mind blowing tech without the restraints and limits of current tech.

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