In practice this means that you need to separate your resistance Twitter account from your personal life completely.
Twitter Activist Security
the grugq

Actually what one needs to realize is that making this separation perpetuates fear….not fixing it. It basically says you’ve accepted that anyone connected to you owns you….or rather you’ve accepted totally to live in the very fear you would like to see stopped. The most of us are simply not prepared to manage the fallout. I use Focus Blue as a nick because I’ve had my life threatened a few times when I used my real name. On the other hand…those who want to get to you will no matter what is done. Every cybersecurity persons knows this.

So do you use your real name and tell corporate and justice America to jam it? Well, it would be best, but losing lives isn’t a value to advertise the availability of.

The best of resistance is simply to not resist at all because the vast majority of the fear out there just isn’t!

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