How I Went From Zero To 200,000+ Views My First 30 Days On Medium
Nicolas Cole

As long as stats were shared here….what you did in 30 days….this is what I did engaging with folks during the Uber sexual harassment Amy stories and responses in less than a week:

Writing on Medium and gaining views is more about how much you engage with those who respond and write similar and related articles. It’s important to consider that bunches of viewers is fine, but engaging with them is going to get you more readers and followers. And while I don’t keep a follower list too big nor write to gain views…I rather enjoy that it happens from time to time. If you are going to get paid in the general media channels tho the numbers will matter if that’s the direction you want to write in. Perspectives are fine to a point, but in the bulk of what one writer writes I often wonder if originality is lacking and whether or not a trail would follow if the bulk dropped off for it. I think of the great writers we each read in our college classes that have stood the test of time, have passed and still get readership. THAT is where I’d rather go including the sublime or indie pop.