You’re also describing Microsoft’s acquisition of Danger in 2008 for $500 million.
Jake Hamby

Ballmer nearly did Microsoft in. He clearly was not the management material MS needed to move forward. One can only hope Nadella can pull it through tho his methods have not been quick enough as of yet. Most of the managers at MS, unfortunately, are either too young to fully understand the US/Euro tech markets or come from countries where American business is poorly understood. In fact, the influx of visa workers, including visa managers (whom MS fast tracks into green card holders and funds to attend US colleges) who can stay up to ten years or more in some cases, is changing much of MS on the inside to tactics used in their countries that disrupts both partnerships MS makes with US/Euro companies and how to influence tech markets to MS’s benefit. Nadella will have to better manage these cultural changes if he expects to save Microsoft.

MS bread and butter still appears to be their Office, server, and OS products in their business and government channels. Much of their other products are either strategic manipulating of the tech markets or complete disasters.

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