Do not patronize me, you do not represent me, nor do you march for me. You silenced and excluded women like me. Strong, independent, logical thinking women who support facts and don’t get caught up in feelings. Much like the high school cheerleaders who ostracize, isolate, and yes, BULLY the science club girl, the only girl on the hockey team, and the one who just doesn’t fit in.
No, I will NOT thank you.
Kasey Iacovelli Brainerd

Dead on. The Women’s March might as well be called the Female Bullies March of the terror-fictionalized turned novelists captured and self-imprisoned by unfounded fears, lack of faith and denial of facts in favor of radicalized mind control by feminist groups…..and apparently to gain friends and pump up their social networks to feel important, worthy and of value among the others like them.

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