Which Half Is Wasted?
Rick Webb

Enjoyed the audio version of your writing. You’re right — the Internet businesses — those who operate on the net for doing business on the net as opposed to off the net — have no clue how to do advertising in comparison to radio, tv and print. Advertising on the net is like that of dropping flyers out of an airplane where the flyers demand to read them before taking another step forward. Advertising on the Internet is about ‘what we can do for you’ when it should be about ‘this is why you need this’. In print advertising the ads were usually geared to add to the value of a magazine, for example. That idea doesn’t really exist online. Nobody is going to find Facebook more fascinating because of product advertising. The Internet is more about where to go on it and what’s available. Advertising on it is not about developing a relationship with the content. It’s an extra item thrown in that is more bother and disruptive than creating a connection to the content.

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