How To Help Dead People
John P. Weiss

“For many, this slow decline starts with a poor mindset. They literally view themselves as “getting older” or “slowing down.” Then they act accordingly. They have become human turtles.” — What an outrageous, ruthless, uncaring, inaccurate, inconsiderate thing to say. Rhoads is a powerhouse that the most of us will NEVER become nor want to become. But there are bunches of Rhoads people around all preaching this idea that anyone can do what they are doing and have achieved. Some of us….me for example, am not cut out to be like that nor would I want to be that busy. There are some things in life that is totally out of my control. And I’m not an entrepreneur go-getter type of person, not a visionary, not a hob-nobber, not a person in the company of those who network with the wealthy and influential, nor willing to step on others to get ahead either. I, for example, do not come from the kind of background that would grow a Rhoads personality. I would not choose the kind of career path he did.

And let’s face a simple fact….we don’t live in a culture that supports an aging pop such that it could create bunches of Rhoads personalities and work ethic in a manner such folks could live well on what a Rhoads person would be living on. Some of us were hit with hard times….lack of employment opportunities, have health issues, and lack the monies we would like to have in order to have a better quality of life. We don’t have the motivation because, quite frankly, we’ve moved past that and are focused on other parts of our lives.

Do the world of your readers a decent, dignified and compassionate favor: Don’t kick them for the choices they’ve made nor attempt to tell them what their experiences actually are about. ASK first.