Top 10 Note-taking Apps for 2017
Francesco D'Alessio

For my Chromebook I use these two free extensions and a program:

What I love about extensions is they stay on the web desktop, open like a drop down, get to write in them, then close them when done …all without having to open a separate program tab and switching back and forth.

Simple Notepad— an extension. It’s a lined paper notepad, very simple. You can export your notes. Notes are auto-saved and stick around after OS updates, but disappear during Powerwash. Ctrl-b does not work on this. Notes on the pad can scroll.

NoteON — an extension. You can create titled note sections and pick a color for them by using the eye drop image to bring up a color picker. The note area is lined paper and is very clear to read. Notes scroll. Can edit any of the titled notes without losing the content. Titled notes are dated when you started to make each one. Notes are auto-saved and stick around after OS updates, but disappear during Powerwash . I could use this to make titled writing areas or chapters of a book or subtitles of an article. Ctrl-b does not work on this.

Notty Notes — a web program. Grey background (or board) is a post-it area ….click on it and a notepad pops up. Notepad area is not lined. You can use the lock symbol in the top right corner of the note to lock it so it can’t be edited till unlocked. Notes are auto-saved. You can move the note pads around the grey board. You can make notepads bigger or smaller. Unfortunately, you can’t change the title of the notepads. The notes will disappear on a Powerwash, but stick around on OS updates. I use this program a lot as a place to write many of the comments I make around the web. I like to put it on it’s own webpage and use a split screen setup. I could use this program to layout bunches of notepads for use in seeing all the notes, or chapter outlines, or article subtitles. If I open a note too far to either side or toward the bottom of the webpage such that notepad are partly not seen — then scroll bars open to increase the size of the grey board. However, it’s a bit gnarly so I don’t recommend expanding the size of the grey board. Ctrl-b for bold works to bold notes — this would help if you want to see titled notes (because you can’t change the title of the notepad).

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