It wasn’t that I never wanted to have sex. I just couldn’t see myself having sex with just any person. I’ve always wanted my first time to special and with someone who I deeply care about.
Gay, Straight, or Bi. Because there’s only three choices, right?
Destiny D. Wilson

For years now having moods was ok, but these days moods get translated into zillions of labels. For many ‘I’m not in the mood’ is translated ‘I’m asexual right now. Maybe after getting to know you I’ll become demisexual and after that maybe I’ll be the slut you’ve always dreamed of. After some of that maybe I’ll have my bi-phase, then my het-phase and then, if skycrapers are all the rave and I love to hike more than I want sex I’ll return to asexual. Call me moody like my mom does.’!

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