We Can’t Go Back
George Takei

George Takei — you simply have no understanding of the differences between your heritage and Muslim history and their ideology. I suggest you take a look at what happened in Lebanon and continues to happen there. I suggest you at least examine some of what Brigitte Gabriel has written in her books “Because They Hate” and “Why We Must Defeat Radical Muslim: How We Can Do It”. I also suggest that you look into Richard Jansen’s book “Christian Lebanon Lost to Radical Islam”.

I don’t agree tho with much of what B. Grabriel says about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. I do think that what Zionists did to take Palestinian homes, the hatred that Israel teaches their citizens about Palestinians, the continued wiping out of all that is Palestine, and the hardships that today’s Israel continues to enforce upon Palestinians puts Israel at fault. Frankly, I would love to see the Israeli leadership convicted of war crimes and their actions against Palestinians. I would suggest you think of Israeli’s radical actions against Palestinians and the Lebanon Christianity-Muslim Conflict as examples of what could happen here in the US (and is already happening in the UK and France) should these countries continue to allow Muslims to flourish.

I’ll agree that not all Muslims seek to take or seriously injure the US, but I think you can agree with me that the US (and the UK and France and other countries taking in both immigrants and refugees) need to take a hard line in managing their adaptation into our culture and to clamp down on any action that appears in the least to be moving toward radicalism. If Trump’s action to deport or stop Muslims coming to the US….I think it’s not so foolish to at least consider the action is prudent till we understand more about Islam and to consider any attempts made toward Islamic radicalism. Otherwise the US and other countries might experience what Lebanon have already. Consider for example the acceptance by England’s Parliament for Muslims there to practice Sharia Law. Consider the impact of this allowance of Islamic prayer in US Congress: “U.S. House of Representatives LITERALLY Bow to Allah as Muslim Imam Delivers Prayer” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElnvtMpKGW0). Consider the numerous bills and attempts by Muslims to gain the right and protection under law to enforce the practice and style of Muslim prayer across the US and in many cities regardless of protest from both the non-religious and those of other religions.

When Japanese immigrated to the US ….some self-segregating and many more assimilating into American culture they did not bring religions that were anti-American. Shinto and Buddhism were far from the radical teachings of the Koran and Islam teachings.

There is good reasons to tighten down now and to protect American culture from the onslaught that might just occur if we don’t take action now to stop this Muslim ball now rolling across our country.

And I’ll add this….I think you, George Tekai, have brought dishonor to both Japan and Japanese-Americans to think anything that has happened to the Japanese here in the US would have any similarity to the suggestion to block, intern and deport Muslims here in the US.

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