Do you think those suggestions are foolproof?
Anderson Imes

I don’t think all the research in the world to check if sexual harassment is a degree of issue in a company is foolproof such that it can be found with certainty that it goes on in the company, but it’s better than not to attempt that research.

Uber, however, is an easy target given their focus was to break taxi regulations around the world. THAT should speak up pretty high to those who wish to work there who might attempt to present ideas or point out problems with ideas discussed in company/department meetings. Uber is known for skirting the law and running a shady, tho well invested, company. Their product banks on it. And the Bay Area is well known for busting common courtesy and for sexually harassing women. Take into mind here that a lot of the H1B folks are from countries who frown on women in the work place. One only need look at the importance that women in certain countries are expected to produce sons rather than daughters.

I only mentioned Reddit as an example….not as the go to be all answer to anything.

There are ways to tell if information given at an interview is honest or shooting through the trees. Given that so many practice the behavioral interview and the practice and prep articles tell folks how to answer those questions it’s not really a stretch to read between the shaded answers.

What’s naive is suggesting this gal was naive.

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