As a woman who’s been in situations that were similar, but not nearly as extreme as this, it’s just…
Anne Gomez

I understand what you are saying. I didn’t say it would be easy to go through channels — internal or federal. She did take the risk tho of popping up and saying what her story was on a wildly popular blogging platform network. That certainly was not an easy decision, but certainly not without serious discussions with others and lots of rewrites before her final release to publish.

However, as she noted in her story, there were bunches of incidents of sexual and other harassment. She’s not naive to the news of women’s issues. She did attend college which would have given her the tools throughout to get through it….tools she could use after graduation. She went through lots to determine where and whom to work for and how to interview and research a company. She doesn’t get points for being naive in this day and age of computing devices those who live their lives through them.

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