My Uniform Makes Me Sick (Part Two)
Heather Poole

I would have dumped the uniform, told American I’m coming in street clothes, and if they refused my choices and said that I can’t come to work without the uniform on….I’d quit, no notice and then blast them online and encourage passengers not to board because obviously American considers their image far more important than the health of their employees and passengers. If an employer cannot address such immediate concerns of their employees, especially at such significant number of complaints, they are not worth working for at all. The PR crap they pulled to protect their relationship with Aramark and other similar unhealthy clothing manufacturers is deplorable enough that those flying should consider other ‘safer’ airlines. If I were a career employee of American my health would always come first even if it meant quitting and losing retirement. I’d find something else safer to do with my life than put my health as such risks.

Frankly, I’d send the uniform to the CEO as a gift and tell the person ‘this is my going away gift to you’.

And if I were the CEO of American I’d do my employees a favor and dump Aramark completely and go with safer clothing manufacturer.

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