they were experiencing “less severe forms of harassment like name-calling and being made to feel embarrassed.
Here’s our report for the United Nations on how online harassment silences women
Allison Esposito

I’m a guy. Some of my writing over the years and long, long before Medium….I’ve been trashed royal for all sorts of reasons. In many respects tho it strengthens me. I doesn’t cause me to abandon the world around me, doesn’t cause me to march, but it does, occasionally, cause me to bitch back and the rest of the time to let it go. Certain women and men tho….they let it all crush and destroy them and in some cases let it lead them to death. But we are human beings and as hard as it gets at times it takes a tough skin to move forward. You can’t fix ruthless, but you can learn to manage it without hurting yourself.

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