Why I won’t write a New York Times best-seller
David Kadavy

I’m glad to see at least one writer who is focused on what they want to do…..not what a publisher or other writers want a writer to do.

The problem with being known is having to do what everybody else wants….essentially nothing do they want should be what the author wants which is a shame.

I don’t consider NYT or any other display of best sellers to always be a good read or a great read, but more about publishers playing the game of marketing and them on show to other publishers. It’s really not about the authors…..they’re just the vehicle.

Some of the best writing around are from those most don’t hear about that much. They needn’t be best sellers, but write for those kinds of readers they want to reach rather than what makes the rave at the next party.

It’s been said by musicians and authors alike that the big time will likely destroy an artist a work at a time till they either accept they are owned or are too weak to do anything more than what they are told — more or less threatened if they don’t listen that they will lose everything never to be heard of again.

There is an audience for every writer even if that audience is just one person. More importantly a writer is best off mentored sure, but allowed and encouraged to freely write what they would like others to hear.

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