But there will be equally strong benefits. Disposable income will increase as the cost of transportation drops, enhancing quality of life as a wide swath of society sees better service at lower costs. Ride hailing companies like Lyft will be able to offer ever cheaper service — in practical effect, local travel in urban areas will become for all intents and purposes free. And those low costs mean rural areas companies like Lyft can’t serve right now, which have to rely on a patchwork of DIY programs, will soon be able to get continuous service, as automated fleets circulate endlessly to and through distant communities. As mobility is increased and democratized, suburban centers will be radically realigned, leading to a more inclusive society.
The Last Auto Mechanic
Tom Price

I’m sure all of this will go over really great for those who will lose their homes and have nothing but food banks to get food and no jobs because they haven’t the new skills. Yea right. You tell all this to a child and see what response you’ll get.

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