This legislation begins to do just that by imposing new sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, applying terrorism sanctions to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, imposing sanctions on Iranians engaged in human rights abuses, and tightening enforcement on arms embargoes on the Iranian regime.
Sending A Message To Vladimir Putin: We Will Not Tolerate Attacks On Our Democracy
John McCain

In case you haven’t noticed….the US does not run Iran or any other country. What it does do is assist and to negotiate to the best interests of both the US and other countries. However, of late, the US has been attempting to control the world as does other super powers — but be it an example to other countries — that’s questionable. Imagine for a moment you are an Middle Eastern citizen. Imagine then what it would feel like to be in fear of the US who has poked their nose into all major affairs in each ME country. Imagine growing up in that.

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