Week 41: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so…
Amy Siskind

In my book this article sounds like harassment. You’re pointing out what’s wrong instead of focusing on what is being done that directly makes change at the government level. It’s like you’re marching on Medium telling the rest of the world how pathetic the Office of the President is and how disgusted with it you are. You offer ZERO ways to effectively make change. You make the United States of America sound like a horrible place. It’s abusive what you are doing.

So I am going to demand that you stop making these listicles and that the next time you think about writing something like this that you think writing about the bills you are involved in writing to make change, that you offer the involvement you have been doing on the local, state and federal levels in government committees and councils, and actions you have taken up with specific state representatives toward change. But if you continue making lists like you have in this article you are no better than the angry mob.