Only for accounting and tax purposes. Likely because there is some equity plan in place.
Babs Lee

In this particular open position at Uber “Internal Audit Manager, Infrastructure” — this person will need to have SOX experience in internal controls to apply to the following functions of this position: 

  • Assist in the development of a global internal controls program.
  • Participate in IT engineering risk assessment activities and help execute the corporate enterprise risk management plan.
  • Conduct Information Technology (IT) audit reviews of service oriented application architecture.
  • Perform the planning, fieldwork, reporting, and follow-up phases of IT audits with limited supervision.
  • Assist engineering teams on optimizing business processes by evaluating the application controls of systems that support the business process under review, and developing computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs) to test controls.
  • Execute ad hoc projects, such as due diligence reviews, readiness assessments, etc.
  • Prepare findings and recommendations and support communication to the executive team. Also, actively monitor audit related remediation and management action plans.
  • Influence and champion operational efficiency and a well controlled control environment.

This effects much of the whole of the corporation. It is extremely important that HR commits to making sure those hire will fit this kind of control culture.

I have an extensive background in working in SOX compliant companies in the engineering departments of product development companies where just about every expenditure and budget decision I made had to be reviewed for compliance by the accounting department before I could act on them.

I would expect HR at Uber to be well aware of her responsibilities to make sure those hired will fit best with SOX internal compliance.

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