Um, what? You are bad as the assholes in this article.
Kenny Fellows

“It blows my mind that you don’t see the issue with what you just wrote. “ — do I sense you are attempting to treat her as a naive ‘girl”? Nope not. She isn’t. To write about such an issue online takes a bit of write/re-write, looking up similar issues online, talking to folks, looking up sexual harassment online. Writing code, email, even chatting with the boss often takes some research, sorting things out, and finding what to say and how to say it. She got that practice before Uber. She got the practice in high school and college. She isn’t so naive. She took a known risk in hopes of gaining support and to start the awareness machine grinding away at the very company that hurt her.

“Would you tell a black person…..not go places where they aren’t welcome?” — Yes…because there are likely better options than those that cause you harm and hard-to-live-with undue stress. I’d tell any race that including any of us white guys. Parents and friends tell others that. WHY should we adults be any different than them?

And thank you for the names you prefer to call me. When do we go out for a bite to eat?

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