The 1,000 Floor Elevator: Why Most Designers Fail Google’s Infamous Interview Design Challenge

It would be nice if google would ask questions that would be something google would actually consider doing, if they asked questions that actually required “a” designer to do without collaboration on a team, if they asked questions related to the design constraints and protocols of a google design team. Just asking a question as wide open as this hypothetical example doesn’t automatically equate to how such an applicant will act internally.

I would have asked how this question was related to Google and probably would have just said the following: ‘I never answer such question unless I am part of a team brainstorming it together. However, I’d have to ask myself is this what I want to do — and that answer would be absolutely not. I’d rather be challenged by a real world problem and specifically one that would be a google-specific-likely-to-be-developed-by-google-with-their-current-tools. So I’ll say this: Why would I ever want to work on a hypothetical problem for a building that is currently impossible to build? I wouldn’t. Next question please and do make it realistic. I didn’t come here to write science fiction. I came here to design.’

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