Benzodiazepines, unlike most other anxiety medications, provide almost immediate relief from anxiety symptoms and are often prescribed for severe anxiety and insomnia.
Medicating Anxiety: Should I take Anxiety Pills? Pros, Cons, Side Effects, and Consequences
Dr Matt Lewis

Just keep in mind that Benzo drugs used to be called ‘bennies’ that in high school or college or if you got hooked on it later was what you took to sleep and ‘reds’ or amphetamines was what you took to stay awake all day. Benzos are dressed up and formerly illegal drugs now designed and available to you as a prescription. But like street benzo drugs they have withdrawal symptoms that will include bizarre behavior, auditory and likely visual hallucinations, sleep walking and driving — yea you won’t know you are out doing that, seizures, and cognitive disorders that MIGHT reverse in a YEAR. Of course, you’ll feel some of these symptoms the longer you take them because the dosage you are on is not enough. Between doses you’re anxiety will build up rapidly.

So seriously….is this the drug you want to be taking? You’re doctor is likely to tell you that you should….and you need to ask WHY?

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