She may not have been aware of external channels like the EEOC.
Wendy Liu

Look up ‘sexual harassment’ on a google search and likely, on the first page, you’ll find EEOC at the top.

In this day and age of the very young to the still young and college graduated woman….being online, on your smartphone, using “Ok Google” and similar, going through schools using the Internet as one’s source of ‘all that exists for all anyone needs’ IS YOUR LIFE!!

There are no excuses when it comes to feeling slighted given how women chat with each other on EVERYTHING!

Having seen the EEOC process in action she’d still have a job and with better treatment. And she would be hailed in la la lands of the country as ‘following protocol’ of the law and regulations that govern how companies are supposed to act.

She chose to blab here online. I am sure she weighed that risk.

‘Pity me’ certainly will raise awareness, but a feminist ‘pity me’ only advances the feminist voice with practically zip change to corporations. Think ‘pity me’ feminist ranting as if that was your local city council.

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